Professional Testimonials

Judy O'BarMedical: Transcriptionist

I took courses at Kingwood College in order to learn to be a medical transcriptionist. During my course of study, I was lucky enough to have Jan as my transcription teacher. Being a medical transcriptionist requires an ability to listen carefully to what is being said by the dictator, to transcribe the speaker’s words accurately, and to occasionally edit the wording to convey the proper meaning of the dictation. Good grammar, sentence structure, attention to detail, and organizational skills are also a prerequisite for doing the job correctly. Jan stressed all of these skills. Class assignments were given to reinforce the concepts she was teaching. I have been a medical transcriptionist for ten years, and I give credit to Jan’s teaching and encouragement for a lot of my success.

Catherine Bankhead: Copywriting, Contractor

Jan is a true professional and a master grammarian. Under her tutelage I gained the skills required in my current field of website content copywriting.  My success in this field is directly attributed to her guidance and training. Jan has the skills and patience necessary to provide a thorough edit of your manuscript. You will be happy with the results!

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