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Linda Gatewood, Author

Linda Gatewood, Author
Linda Gatewood, Author
I employed Jan’s Editing Service for my most recent novel, Spring Promise, the sequel to Winter Secret. I was thrilled with her professional, concise, and honest opinions. Her edit was as good, if not better, than one done at any major publishing house. Even though I received a professional edit from my publisher, I was very pleased with the extra care that Jan took on my manuscript. She discovered flaws and recommended solutions that improved the story tremendously. I believe my book would have been greatly lacking in continuity without Jan’s edit.
Not only does she have a good eye for error, she also has a talent and "feel" for the flow of the story. She understands the general paths usually enjoyed by readers. If a story has any misleading or confusing parts, she will tell you what, where, and how to correct it. Sentence structure is of particular interest to her, and,although lenient whenever possible, she will help you restructure and improve your manuscript to a professional level.
I recommend Jan as a tool for your support and success. She is not a ghostwriter and cannot re-write your book for you; however, she will guide and support you in every step from the beginning to the end to make your writing experience wonderful.
Having a manuscript correctly edited can make or break the success of a written story. All new writers should heed the warning given by experienced authors - make sure the editing step is not bypassed! As a writer, I can testify how easy it is while writing to get caught up in the emotion of the story. Minor details such as sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and flow tend to be forgotten. Yet, these important details are the very threads that hold a book together and draw the reader into its delicious depths, consuming contents, and souring sensations.
I highly recommend Jan for the exclusive and confidential management of your manuscript. I definitely plan to utilize her talents for my next book, the third in the Winter Secret series, called Summer Truth. And, if she isn’t too busy to help me with the fourth and last book of the series, I will once again greatly treasure her professional edit!

Joni Pope, Author

When writing a novel-length manuscript, it is very easy to make numerous grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.  If left unchecked, these errors can distract, or even destroy, an otherwise good story.  Having an editor read through your work can help you spot those small but glaring errors.
Jan took the time to read through one of my rougher manuscripts, helped me identify errors, and instructed me on what to look for and correct.  Her careful reading and eye for detail found many areas in need of improvement, specifically comma usage and sentence structure.
In addition, Jan read through my entire story and shared her thoughts on the plot’s flow, progression, consistency, and clarity.  She identified a few places in need of revision to strengthen the story.  I found her suggestions to be extremely valuable, and overall,  her work was comprehensive and thorough.
I definitely plan on going back to Jan to help me polish future manuscripts.
Author of The Mystic Road

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