Editing Services

Three tiers of service are available for you to choose from: basic, intermediate, and comprehensive. I'm happy to answer your questions, and please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions or concerns.

What's Included

  • Editing is performed in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style  as well as other standardized resources.
  • Included is a notated copy of suggestions and corrections on your manuscript for your review. These suggestions and changes may be accepted or rejected on an individual basis.
  • Fact checking is not an included service; however, if I find an obvious problem, I will make note of it for you to resolve.

Package Descriptions

Proofreading (Basic Package)

To look for and resolve mechanical problems related to the following:
  • Spelling, punctuation, consistency, and some formatting
  • Grammar
  • Minor editing

Copy Editing (Intermediate Package)

Includes the services provided in Proofreading with particular focus in the following areas:
  • Grammar, punctuation, usage, redundancies, and spelling
  • Ensure the consistency of voice and chronology
  • Consistency in the use of numerical terms, numbers, and dates
  • Improve phrasing and organization to make the writing more effective

Content Editing (Comprehensive Package)

Includes the services provided in Proofreading and  Copy Editing with particular focus on the overall manuscript:
  • Is the writing clear and understandable to the reader?
  • Are there areas that are repetitive and/or unnecessary to the story?
  • How is the overall flow of the story?
Changes in these areas may necessitate some rewriting to show a better means of expression.


Pricing is based on the level of service and the word count as shown in MS Word. Please refer to the following table to estimate your total fees.
(300 words/pg)
Total Fee
(50,000 words)
Copy Editing$0.0075$2.00$375.00
Content Editing$0.0100$3.00$500.00

Note: I will not accept sexually explicit material.


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