Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Six-Pack Blessing

Everyone has their own mental image of what a "six-pack" is. Some of us think of those fabulous abs that make us look so good in a swimsuit (if you can wear one), while others think of grabbing a six-pack of a favorite drink. In my home, a six-pack refers to our six daughters, a phrase coined by their dad since 1983. He considers "6" to be his lucky number which will automatically get him into heaven. Over the years, he's had six stents placed around his heart, one for each daughter, but he only had a 5-way bypass--just missed it on that one!

This month marks our 45th anniversary, and in honor of that, our Six-Pack is treating us with a trip to Portland, OR, where we will get to spend some quality time with our youngest daughter and her husband. As an extra benefit, I'll get to see my favorite cousin who used to take me with her riding horses so many years ago.

This is absolutely a "Great Adventure" for us, and I am very thankful to have a family that thinks enough of us to want to do this. It's been more than 50 years since I visited that part of the country, and I am looking forward to seeing the sights that have brought my daughter and husband so much joy in the two years they've been there. I may not be able to do an 8-hr. hike, but I'm sure I can explore those kitschy shops without losing my breath!

This is the time of year in which I like to look back and attempt to count all the blessings I've received, but after a while, I simply have to acknowledge that there are too many to single out. How grateful I am for a terrific husband (who can drive me to distraction) and for our Six-Pack. I appreciate
how they are willing to help each other out by sending boxes of treasured toys to the one that has the right age group of little ones. Though separated by many miles, the bonds of sisterhood are strong.

There have been many people along our journey who have helped us reach this point in our lives, and we know we still have at least a few more "miles" to go. I'm grateful for my strong faith in a loving Savior, a husband who has stood by my side through the good as well as the rough times, my daughters who have tremendous strengths of their own, and the incredible friends who always seem to be just where I need them.

May you enjoy this blessed Christmas season not just this month, but every month of your life.

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